Latest items in the Gallery

  • Bidyogo


  • SENUFO a fine seated female figure

    SENUFO a fine seated female figure

  • MWERA face mask

    MWERA face mask

  • BACONGO figure

    BACONGO figure

  • Mende / Temne

    Mende / Temne

  • Tetela fetish

    Tetela fetish

  • Ngata coffin

    Ngata coffin

  • Baule women on chair

    Baule women on chair

  • Bamileke Hunter Figure

    Bamileke Hunter Figure

  • Bamileke Maternite figure

    Bamileke Maternite figure

High quality masks, carvings, statues and ritual objects displayed here will add beauty to any home and value to any collection. In addition, an ever-growing demand for rapidly disappearing original African tribal art makes it a sound investment. We guarantee the authenticity of every item and your complete satisfaction and make every effort to research and document the history of each and every artifact.

Please let us know if you do not see items you want. We may be able to find them for you. For questions, comments or information, please e-mail or call on +31 681 091 870.